Australian & PNG Necrology
Brothers & Affiliates
Brothers Who Have Served
Australian & Papua New Guinean Province
1885 - 2011
May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.

The eighty-five Brothers listed here are all those who ministered in Australia and Papua New Guinea
at some time. Most are buried in Australia (red borders), but some are buried in Ireland (green), India (yellow),
and in the United States (blue). These are only those who died as Patricians. They are listed chronologically.

The letter after the year of death indicates the place of burial:
A ~ Albury, Ai ~ Aitape, PNG, Ar ~ Armidale, B ~ Bathurst,
G ~ Goulburn, I ~ Ireland, In ~ India, K ~ Kemps Creek, M ~ Maitland, O ~ Orange, R ~ Ryde, U ~ United States, W ~ Wagga Wagga

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Patrician Affiliates
Name, Date of Death, Place Buried, Age at Death
Affiliates are those who because of their service to the Congregation
were invited into the Congregation as affiliate members.

Budding, Leo (Affiliate) 17-June-2017 Kincumber 95
Budin, Mary (Affiliate) 18-Mar-2010 Kincumber 82
Burgess, Brian (Affiliate) 24-Jun-1988 Pinegrove 53
Culloty, Denis (Affiliate) 18-Sep-2010 Woronora 72
Cupitt, Margaret (Affiliate) 14-Oct-1979 Ryde 79
Doggett, Bishop Ignatius (Affiliate) 17-Sep-2004 Campbelltown 96
Grady, Dorothy (Affiliate) 14-Jan-1997 Wamberal 74
Grady, Jim (Affiliate) 29-Mar-2008 Wamberal 84
Guest, Pauline (Affiliate) 6-Feb-2011 Newcastle 80
Kennedy, Bill (Affiliate) 18-Feb-1993 Liverpool 82
Kennedy, Rita (Affiliate) 19-Sep-1990 Wamberal 76
Maitland, Margaret (Affiliate) 15-Oct-1986 -
Makin, Len (Affiliate) 31-Mar-1994 Kemps Creek 60
Makin, Patricia (Affiliate) 23-Mar-2000 Kemps Creek 77
McCosker, Msgr J.F. (Affiliate) 9-Feb-1996 Ryde 89
McGregor, Jack (Affiliate) 25-Sep-1994 Kemps Creek 80
McGregor, Rose (Affiliate) 28-Jan-2002 Kemps Creek 83
McKay, Fr Colin (Affiliate) 1-Oct-2002 Waverly 84
Monley, Margaret (Affiliate) 15-Feb-2007 Liverpool 71
Mulcahy, Margaret (Affiliate) 12-Jun-2003 Rouse Hill 66
Mulcahy, Paul (Affiliate) 31-Dec-2010 Rouse Hill 77
O'Malley, George (Affiliate) 4-Aug-2005 Kemps Creek 69
Regan, Don (Affiliate) 2-Aug-2020 Kemps Creek 89
Ryan, Leo (Affiliate) 6-Sep-2000 Macquarie Park 80
Ryan, Maisie (Affiliate) 2-Feb-2011 Macquarie Park 87
Smith, Patricia (Affiliate) 24-12-2017 Rookwood 80
Scott, Kevin (Affiliate) 15-Oct-2007 Macquarie Pk 76
Tighe, Pat (Affiliate) 20-Jul-2006 Ourimbah 80
Walsh, Mick (Affiliate) 5-Sep-1997 Field of Mars 69
Young, Peter (Affiliate) 30-Apr-2003 Ryde 71