“The Green Sash”
Inner-City Patrician
Alumni Newsletter
1994 - 2007
written by Mr Kevin Scott, edited by Mr Kevin Hilferty


The Green Sash was a quarterly alumni newsletter primarily intended for those who had attended the Patrician schools in the inner Sydney suburbs of Redfern (1886 - 1962), Forest Lodge (1892 - 1967), and Waterloo (1908-1963).

The first edition was published in January 1994 and the final edition - written by Kevin Scott’s friends after his death in October 2007 - appeared in December 2007. In all 53 newsletters, over 450 pages of Patrician history.

From the Writer

Mr Kevin Scott

When the writer issued the first THE GREEN SASH in January 1994 it was viewed by some with a degree of scepticism. Common sense mixed with more than a touch of lunacy drove the writer. He was strongly of the opinion it was essential that we have a journal to bind us together. How else could we advise of our events and, more importantly, instill a sense of pride of being a Patrician alumnus?

The then Committee suggested that an Editorial Team be formed to prepare future editions. Kevin Hilferty offered to join with the writer and from that time the two Kevins – Hilferty and Scott - classmates through their school years at St. James’, Forest Lodge have worked as a team. Both started their schooling in 1936 in the Parish of Forest Lodge at the convent school conducted by the Sisters of the Good
Samaritan of the Order of St. Benedict and entered the Patrician Brothers school in 1939, obtaining the Intermediate Certificate in November 1945. Kevin Hilferty brought a new standard to our journal having been a journalist with leading Sydney, London and New York newspapers also onetime Rome correspondent and past editor of ‘The Catholic Weekly’.

With Kevin Hilferty’s advice and editorial expertise the writer approached his task with renewed enthusiasm.

- Kevin Scott (V.12 I.4 - 2005)

From the Editor

Mr Kevin Hilferty

TGS was created as a means of communication between the original TGS committee and Alumni members and friends. Most of the editing, writing and production was the responsibility of Kevin Scott. He took a great interest in ferreting out stories of historical interest about the Patricians and their schools as well as items about the Brothers and the alumni membership and forthcoming events - he did not rely on printed sources but walked around Redfern to trace the location of the original houses occupied by the Brothers until the Redfern monastery was built. He was later joined by Kevin Hilferty, a former journalist, who became editor of TGS and president of the Alumni. Kevin Scott continued to provide much of the copy for TGS while Kevin Hilferty edited it into its final shape.

- Kevin Hilferty, January 2010