Patrician Resources - Documents

St Patrick

greenarrowSt Patrick's Confession. (Word doc. - 80kb) St Patrick's spiritual autobiography. With introduction. (Download)

greenarrowSt Patrick and the Druids (Word doc. - 56kb) St. Patrick's confrontation with the Druidic priests of ancient Ireland as told by J.A. Wylie. With introduction. by J.A. Wylie 1890 (Download)

greenarrowLed by the Spirit: St Patrick (Word doc. - 116kb) A Review for Religious article in which Fr Ryder describes the role of the Holy Spirit in the life and mission of St Patrick. (Published with permission.) by Andrew Ryder SCJ, 2006

greenarrowBehind the Legends (pdf - 56kb) Is there any truth behind some of the main legends concerning St Patrick? by Br Linus Walker fsp

Bishop Delany

greenarrow An Education for All! - The Story of a Bishop of Penal Ireland, Daniel Delany 1747 - 1814, 91 A5 pages (6Mb) by Br Stephen Sweetman fsp, 2013. Hard copies are available for purchase via this website. Further details on the book:

greenarrow Three worksheets based on An Education for All! These worksheets prepared by Kim Crawford of Patrician Brothers College, Blacktown.

greenarrow A history of Bishop Delany, the foundation of the brothers, the early brothers and their life. 31 A5 pages. (1.2Mb) by Br Camillus Regan fsp

greenarrow A 75-question quiz based on the history mentioned above ("Man of Courage - Daniel Delany") (Word doc.) Br Solomon Rajarajan

greenarrow A short history of Bishop Daniel Delany. (Word doc.-36kb) By Sr Claude Carey, 1978

greenarrow Bishop Delany Spiritual sayings of Bishop Delany

Patrician Spirituality

greenarrow The Spirituality of the Patrician Brothers as experienced at Patrician Brothers College, Fairfield. Background on the Brothers - Spirituality - Bishop Delany and St Patrick - Spirituality at College - Surveys

greenarrowBreastplate Spirituality - How male spirituality expresses itself uniquely in the context of young adolescents in a multi-cultural school in the outer western suburbs of Sydney and how the spirituality of the Breastplate of St Patrick can speak to these young men by Br Domenic Xuereb fsp

greenarrow Charism The transmission of religious charism within the leadership of Catholic schools. (pdf-120kb) by Br Domenic Xuereb fsp

greenarrow Celtic Spirituality The Features of Celtic Spirituality (Word doc.-36kb)

greenarrow Celtic Spirituality - 59 pages Unknown

Patrician History

greenarrow Baltimore 1846 foundation, primary sources, provided by Patrician Affiliate Patrick De Mendoza.

greenarrow Text for the DVD The History of the Patrician Brothers in Australia, by Pat Bros

greenarrow Once a Soldier, The story of Brother Aloysius Howlin, gaining papal approbation as a religious congregation, and the wearing of the green sash, by Br Linus Walker fsp

greenarrow Text for the DVD The Patrician Story. A shorter and slightly different video to the one mentioned above, by Pat Bros