Patrician Resources - Prayers

A selection of Patrician and general prayers. Some are in fairly raw form.

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greenarrow The Deer’s Cry (The Breastplate of St Patrick, Lorica)
Also see for further information:

greenarrow Breastplate Prayer for Protection - On the theme of God's protection.

greenarrow Breasplate Spirituality

greenarrow Salvation in the Cross

greenarrow Celebrate the Word

greenarrow Rejoice in Hope

greenarrow Sacred Heart of Jesus

greenarrow Jesus, the Well of Life


greenarrow Annunication of the Lord

greenarrow Mary - Disciple of Justice

greenarrow Mary, Help of Christinas

greenarrow Marian Prayers


greenarrow St Patrick - Courage

greenarrow St Patrick - Prophet

greenarrow Bishop Delany - Trusting in God

greenarrow Bishop Delany - History and Prayer (Used during a 2018 pilgrimage to Ireland.)

greenarrow Patrician Foundation Day Prayer