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Below are just some of the videos on the “Patrician Channel” on YouTube.
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greenarrow The Deer's Cry
This prayer is also know as "The Breastplate of St Patrick". Its message is to remind us that our God is a God who is with us, in us, around us. This video puts images to music composer Shaun Davey's version of the prayer. Feb., 2011 4 min

greenarrow St Patrick & the Patricians
This video was made from an ABC radio interview with our Deputy Congregation Leader Br Paul O'Keeffe in March, 2012. In the interview Br Paul is asked about St Patrick, Patrician spirituality, Patrician founder Bishop Daniel Delany, and about Br Paul himself. Br Paul is now (2017) the Province Leader of the Australian & Papua New Guinean Province. 18 min

greenarrow Bishop Delany - Bishop Delany's Childhood Home, 1747 - 1757
Bishop Daniel Delany was born in Paddock, Mountrath, Ireland, in 1747. He eventually became the bishop of the diocese where he had lived as a boy, and founded the Brigidine Sisters in 1807 and the Patrician Brothers in 1808. His childhood home still stands today. It is being repaired and maintained by the Bennett family on which the house stands. Oct., 2010 3.25 min

greenarrow 2010 General Chapter - Patrician Anthem Danced by Angamaly
An anthem was written for the Patrician bicentenary (2008) by Amanda McKenna of Sydney, Australia. Perhaps for the first time ever it was presented in dance during the 2010 General Chapter in India. The performance was by the students of St Patrick's High School, Angamaly, Kerala, India. They had travelled the six hour journey from Angamaly to Coonoor to perform the dance and to take part in an India Day celebration at the Patrician school in Coonoor: St Joseph's Higher Secondary School. Aug., 2010

greenarrow What is a Religious Brother?
This video was created for a Year 7 orientation day in 2011 for students beginning their school studies at a school established by the Patrician Brothers in Sydney, Australia. While the video is specifically about the Patrician Brothers, much of the information pertains to any Religious Congregation.

Brothers’ Brofiles

greenarrow Br Paul O’Keeffe, Australia

greenarrow Br Vincent George, India

greenarrow Br Felim Ryan, Kenya

greenarrow Br Philip Shepler, USA

greenarrow Br Joseph Anoop, USA

greenarrow Br Colm O’Connell, Kenya

greenarrow Br Thomas Kuzhumbil, Ghana


greenarrow Bishop Daniel Delany 200th
During 2014 the Brigidine Sisters, the Patrician Brothers, and the Bishop Delany family around the world, will be commemorating the 200th anniversary of his death. He died in the early hours of the 9th July, 1814, in his Irish parish of Tullow. As priests of his time and historians since have acknowledged, Bishop Delany and his achievements have been somewhat underestimated and under-appreciated. Because of his efforts diocesan priests, Brigidine Sisters, and Patrician Brothers, have taken the Catholic faith and education all across the globe. No mean achievement in its own right, but when you consider he did it all in the dark shadow of 18th and 19th century Penal days, then his efforts are miraculous. A testament to his vision, his courage, and his complete faith that God would provide. This video on his life was made, in the most part, using the artwork of the students of Brigidine and Patrician colleges who participated in the 2013 Delany International Art Competition. 12m 24sec

greenarrow A Patrician History


greenarrow Holy Cross College, Ryde, 125 Years!
In 2016 Holy Cross College College, Ryde, founded by the Brothers in 1891, celebrated its 125 anniversary.

greenarrow St George’s College, Mussoorie, India.
The administration of St George’s College was taken over by the Patricians in 1893. It is boarding and day school for over 700 boys, and students come from all over Asia to attend school there.

greenarrow Delany Dedications
The founder of the Patrician Brothers is Bishop Daniel Delany. To keep his message and vision alive the Brothers and their related schools have created artwork and dedicated buildings in his memory.

Patrician Projects (Delany Foundation)

greenarrow The Delany Foundation 2016
The Delany Foundation, named after the Patrician Brothers’ founder, Bishop Daniel Delany, is a registered not-for-profit charity seeking to improve the human and spiritual condition of young people in need especially in places of Patrician mission in developing countries.

greenarrow Kabongo, Kenya
The Patrician Brothers have been in Kenya since 1961. In 2003 they began a new foundation at Kabongo which is 14 kilometres outside of Eldoret. At Kabongo the Brothers provide a school and a medical dispensary for the people of the area. Donations from all around the world have made this work possible. Br Paul Brennan, who features in this presentation, is the main co-ordinator of this Patrician project. These images of Kabongo were taken in September of 2010. 4min 19sec

greenarrowDormaa, Ghana
Delany Academy, Dormaa, was established by the Patrician Brothers in 2008 at the invitation of Bishop Matthew. It began in the parish hall but in 2009 moved to its current location. It is early days and classes range from beginners to Year 5. The plan is for it to go to senior school and even on to have a associated tertiary institution. All this is only made possible by the generous donations of many, from the landowners, to international companies, to schools, and to interested families and individuals. Thank you, all. 4min 38sec

greenarrow Papua New Guinea First Professions
On the 2nd December eight Papua New Guinean men made their First Professions at Aitape, Sandaun Province. These men had been the preliminiary Patrician formation programme for more than two years. More than 300 people attended the ceremony atop Bishops Hill where the Brothers reside. Dec., 2010 12 min.