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In the area of sound Midway's proprietary DCS (Digital Compression System) sound hardware was used for the first time in a video game. The DCS system gave four channels of 16-BitThe_Undying_Tombstone's profile - Blogs - Comic VineMeta-crusher: Designed to combat and stop meta-humans Meta-crushers come with an array of abilities and highly adpative femto-technology that rapidly alters itself to formulate the most

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b+1 Sparrow Trap *Throws on CH* d/b+1 Tsubame Return 2 Toe Punch WS+1 Sparrow Gut Punch 4 Extension Kick f+1 Screw Punch 4 [~5] Can-Can Kicks [Tag] *Juggles* d+4 Power Sweep ~d/b SWEEPTezzeret Respect Thread - Gen. Discussion - Comic VineTezzeret. Tezzeret is a planeswalker from Magic the Gathering and one of the most prominent villians in the lore. Being a planeswalker means that he possesses a planeswalker spark whichDCEU Superman vs MCU Thanos - Battles - Comic VineTo put that in perspective: Tungsten arguably the strongest metal on Earth has a compressive strength of 166753 psi. Therefore the metal the World Engine was made of was 804249 timesPrelude to war #0-1 part 2: The Hierarchy Tombstone's Amphibious durable very fast and with space compression technology to fit in more enemies than it should the R.A.T is a ubiquotous sight in wars against the Hierarchy.