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2. Upgrade Cog. In the same room as the above upgrade cog but slide down the far right wall. Break the right most block on the ground to reveal a secret area with an upgrade cog. 3.Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo - Guide and Walkthrough After dealing with the final wave stomp the mining machine or allow it to damage itself to finish it off so you can go to the second world. 8.2 World 2: Coal Mine ----- 8.2.1 Area 1 -----Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Walkthrough About This Guide. In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town what we typically call achievements are called Titles.Titles come with an item reward and can also be equipped to theMonster Hunter Freedom Unite - Longsword/Hammer Speedrun (mining at Desert) 3 Power Seed (Desert Area 1 northwest herb) 3 Kut-Ku Scale (reward from above quest or from farming Dung anywhere) 1 Strength Jewel Health +2; 1 Suiko Jewel (mining at

Stoppable: Juggernaut's once #Unstoppable log that keeps

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